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Classifier for Two Gallon Bucket for Gold Panning 1/4"


Two Gallon Bucket Classifier for Gold Prospectors, Miners, and Rock Collectors

This classifier is built from solid 16 gauge steel and ABS plastic, not with a screen mesh which can easily tear apart and weak plastic that disintegrates if left out in the sun too long. There is no plastic reinforcements that goes across like the ones made out of screen mesh. The top Diameter is 10 1/2", Bottom Diameter is 8 1/4", depth is 3 1/2"

This is a rare 2 gallon bucket classifier designed to fit most 2 gallon buckets sold throughout the US. It is made from strong ABS plastic and 16 gauge steel with 1/4" holes. This classifier is one of the strongest classifier made, I have stepped on top in these and they will not break. This thing is really built to last a very long time! Also, save your back and joints when prospecting for gold. It's a lot easier to carry two, 2 gallon buckets instead of one 5 gallon bucket filled with dirt. Your prospecting and gold mining will be more enjoyable with this equipment. Sorry, the two gallon bucket is not included! Made in the USA.

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