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Sluice Box Stream 39 X 10" for Gold Prospecting ABS


Brand New Sluice Box 10" X 39" ABS

This sluice box is made of lightweight and strong ABS material.

Captures the finest gold, no miners moss or ribbed mat necessary. The top has a width of 9.75" and the botton has width of 9.25" This sluice box is capable of processing so much more material and than person can classify by hand. It works ideal with about a 4" drop and a strong steady water flow. The faster the water flow, the more materials you can process. This unit is lightweight, simple, and works better than any other sluice boxes I've used in the past. Clean up is very simple and is done within seconds. The width of this sluice box is designed to fit into a standard five gallon bucket. This sluice box is the lighest available in the market, for the serious miner you can take several of these things to your favorite mining spot or run two sluice boxes side by side so you can increase productivity.

Made in Fresno, California, USA!