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Extra Large Sluice Box River 40" X 16" with Deep Drop Riffles


Monster River Sluice Box 16" Wide X 40" in length Super High Volume Efficient!

One of the widest sluice boxes sold for the Serious Prospectors!

This large sluice box is made from heavy duty ABS and is designed to take the the abuse from high production prospecting activities.

There are four V-groove indicator riffles that allows you to see the gold right away, then there are two extra deep drop riffles 3/4" wide X 3/4" deep and 7 drop riffles that follow 3/4" wide and 3/8" deep. Our sluice designs requires no miners moss, carpet, expanded metal or ribbed mat. This sluice box uses the drop riffle design which is SUPERIOR at FINE GOLD, Coarse gold, flat gold, and gold nugget Recovery! Clean up is simple and fast!

This unit works awesome, it can process more material faster. I see some people using the big long and narrow sluice boxes that has a complex design that look cool and functional that are heavy and I wonder, why? I run this sluice box all day and all the gold I find are trapped in the first four V grooves and in the first two drop riffles. This thing has 9 drop riffles. This design is built out of strong ABS material, it is simple to use, and even easier to clean out.

This sluice box is made in Fresno, CA, USA!

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