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Gold Concentrator Bucket Sluice Box



Are you tired of spending too much time panning and seperating black sand from gold?

This is one of the best, efficent and least expensive ways to get gold from your concentrates.

This is made in the USA designed by California Sluice Box. If you have some old concentrates that you already went through, give this a try.

I am a believer in this product, its simple and works well. All you need is a 5 gallon bucket and a garden hose, or set up a recirculating system with a small pump. We had some old time miners dig up their front yard because they had been throwing concentrates there for decades. Their previous technique of removing gold, a very popular device which is readily used and still on the market and selling on ebay for hundreds of dollars left some gold behind. After they had run the bucket sluice, they realized they had ounces of gold in the rose bushes. It took them a whole day to extract it but the reward was worth it.

Sorry, bucket and garden hose not included.

Some of our customers tested our product and put it on you tube, please check it out!

There are plenty of videos on this is our #1 seller and product.

We ship this Product by USPS Priority Mail within USA and via First Class Mail to Canada!

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